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Mangrove Scouting Activity

On 22 December 2020, 3C visited Bang Kaew, specifically the area around Bang Bo Village to discuss with Village Leader Daeng how to finalize the establishment of the Coastal Environmental Education Center and if there are any further needs for the Center.  This helps 3C to use the raised funds in the most effective manner with value for money.  3C donated children’s books about the marine environment and animals to the Center.

A second visit on 17 February 2021 saw the Education Center is now 90% completed.  3C and the Village Leader agreed on the exhibition zones that will comprise the Center.  The sections will focus on: marine animals, coastal plants, birds, and wetlands conservation.  On this trip, 3C donated a few more books and socks for people to wear when planting mangroves.

On 16 June 2021, a visit was made to the Education Center to assess the damage to the area after a storm surge occurred in May 2021.  Parts of the walkway to the Center was damaged, and many young mangrove trees were killed.  The areas with more mature and denser mangrove coverage suffered little to no damage, providing evidence that mangroves can protect the coastal areas.  Luckily there was no damage to the Center.  3C donated more education materials and continues to support the Center in its operations and setting up the exhibits.


Discussing the design of the Education Center.


Mangrove nursery


Mangroves planted during the youth seminar in March 2020 are surviving and peek out above the water surface.


Donating a children's reference book about the ocean.


Some areas have sparse mangrove coverage and need to be reforested.


Migratory shorebirds stopping over on way south for the winter.

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