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2nd Youth Conservation Seminar - Thailand

“Plant Mangroves, Grow Hopes – Thai Youth in Action to Protect the Coastline”

A group of Thai youth got “down and dirty” to help protect Thailand’s coastline.  On 12 March 2020, the youngsters ranging from 5 to 17 years old visited the Mangrove Nature School in Bang Kaew, Samut Songkhram Province for an opportunity to enjoy the cool sea breeze to learn about the importance of mangroves.  The village head, Phuyai Daeng, and 3C accompanied the group of youngsters to plant new seedlings along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, and carried out “mangrove maintenance” work such as re-tying previously planted seedlings to stakes, pulling up rotten stakes, and collecting trash that had blown to the site.  A few parents also got into the action and joined in the fun to contribute their efforts to the cause.  Each participant was awarded a certificate of completion after the activity.  3C and the participants gave a donation to support the Phuyai Daeng’s on-going and future efforts in mangrove protection. 


From left to right: Entrance to the Mangrove Nature School; 3C Executive Director giving a donation to the mangrove school; Youth of all ages helping each other during the planting.

Photo credits: K. Sudhinaraset

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