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The Team

Connie Chiang

Founder & Lead Scientist

rock, coast, fishing boat

Connie is the founder of 3C and is responsible for oversight of all of the organization’s functions.  She was trained in the United States as a wetlands ecologist at Duke University’s School of the Environment.  Her 20 years’ work experience in Asia has helped to empower local communities with the skills to conserve and manage coastal and marine resources.  Connie has worked with various NGOs, governments, research institutes, and United Nations agencies.  Her research interests include sustainable resource use for food security, supplementary livelihoods of coastal communities, and natural resource governance.  She relates well to all stakeholders by communicating with them in English, Thai, Chinese, or Lao.

Jing Li


great wall, trees

Jing possesses a background in economics and natural science.  She has 10+ years’ experience in international cooperation, environmental protection and management.  Jing works with academia, government agencies, and international organizations (United Nations, Global Environment Facility and World Meteorological Organisation).  She is part of a wide network of marine scientists and government agencies.  Her interests include community-based conservation actions, environmental planning and management, and sustainable use of marine resources.  She brings to 3C skills in social and natural sciences that help in the coordination of our cross-cutting programs.

Wai Hon Chu

Public Awareness


Wai Hon Chu is the Lead Culinary Instructor at Hot Bread Kitchen, a New York City-based non-profit social enterprise that provides paid on-the-job training for women seeking economic mobility.  By learning the culinary arts, women from around the world leverage talent and passion to launch careers in food.  Wai is also an Adjunct Professor in the Nutrition and Food Studies Department at New York University.  He completed his culinary training at The Art Institute of New York and has worked in the kitchens of March, Clementine, and The Russian Tea Room.  In 1999, he launched El Eden Chocolates, which grew into a Manhattan storefront offering over 25 handmade truffle varieties.  Wai brings to 3C experience and passion for education and cross-cultural exchanges, using food and nutrition as a medium for knowledge sharing.

Julia Chiang



Julia is a sociologist who studied at National Taiwan University.  She possesses a wide range of skills including translating and interpreting between Chinese and English for the United Nations during the 1960s, tax filing, and institutional organization.  Julia enjoys working on humanitarian projects, and has taught English in refugee camps in Thailand, preparing her students for life in America.  Her multi-skills help keep 3C organized in all administrative aspects.

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