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Promoting Sustainable Aquaculture

3C has joined with NGOs and fisheries experts from China and South Korea on a project to improve aquaculture practices along the Yellow Sea coast.  The group visited aquaculture farms along China’s central coast from 13 to 16 August 2019 and held dialogues with aquaculture businesses from both countries, academia, local governments, and amongst members of the group for information exchange and to observe different of aquaculture.  A visit was undertaken to an oyster and mussel farm near Rizhao that has obtained ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certification to learn about the procedure to become certified and to observe the environmentally friendly way in which the farm operates.  This particular farm sells its certified products to Walmart, Ludlow, and Coles supermarkets.  The group also visited pond cultures for swimming crab and shrimp, a razor clam aquaculture carried out in a Spartina-covered wetland, and a seaweed snack processing plant.  The experts shared information on how to receive certain kinds of global certificates, the physical, chemical and biological factors to consider when operating sustainable aquaculture operations, and most importantly that preserving coastal and marine habitats in its natural state will provide healthy habitats for marine organisms to be cultured.
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