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For nature and people


Caring, Conserving, Catalyzing

3C Environmental Solutions is a non-profit organization working to improve ecosystem-based practices in conservation and natural resource management.  We employ a holistic approach to providing long term intelligent and sustainable solutions for the natural environment and for people.

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Fisherman, China
Corals of the Maldives
Who We Are


We are a small, but dedicated group of people who care about the Earth, our home, our well-being, and the future.

We share vital information for people to conserve and wisely use their natural resources.

What We Do


Using our vast knowledge and experience, we offer the following services:

- Work with all stakeholders in building their capacity for sustainable coastal and marine resource use.

- Provide educational activities to increase awareness in conservation of coastal and marine resources.


- Design inter-disciplinary projects linking social-economic-natural issues, resulting in improved environmental management.

- Catalyse participatory environmental protection actions tailored to each stakeholder and to each type of ecosystem.

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