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Caofeidian Seagrass Beds, Bohai Sea, China

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The Swire Group Charitable Trust supported 3C to carry out a study to map stakeholders and undertake a threat analysis of Zostera marina seagrass beds in the Bohai Sea.  This assessment took place during the week of 26 May 2019.  Information gathered will help to reveal the required management interventions to protect the seagrass that provide spawning and nursery grounds for over 20 species of commercially important fish, crustaceans and mollusks.  As a fish nursery, the economic value of seagrass across the globe is estimated to range from USD 78 to 2.3 million/ha/yr.  Seagrass also can help in carbon sequestration (~USD 394/ha/yr).


3C collaborated with Qingdao Marine Conservation Society, with assistance provided by Tianjin Coastal Wetland Conservation Society and China Waterbird Protection Area, and scientists from the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute to implement this project.  The team met with fishermen, NGOs, academia, think tanks, and Caofeidian government agencies with jurisdiction over the seagrass and coastal and marine areas of Caofeidian.  The information collected during the stakeholder consultations were synthesised and are now available in a report here.


Photo credits: L. Hui, J. Li, S. Wang

download the seagrass report here

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